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Discussions between Christians and atheists.

A suggested Christian (and especially Wesleyan) response to an atheist’s claim that Christians are not really moral at all and act morally only out of fear of punishment or in pursuit of reward.

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Better understanding of the Prince of the World.

Very brief contrast of the fear of the world and the fearlessness of Jesus.

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Recommendation for the Europeans dealing with Muslims

How the American’s Joseph Smith can be utilized by the Europeans to awaken the Muslims amongst them to the possibility of a fraud on the part of Mohammed’s Gabriel.

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Retort to the movie Audacity

A quick take on the Audacity movie and a response and justification of homosexual marriages today following the very logic of St. Paul with respect to the single law for the Gentile Christian, i.e., universal neighborly and fraternal love.

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Jesus without a stenographer.

A speculation as to how it could be that Jesus would not want to engage a stenographer. Mohammed had stenographers to insure that his actual spoken words would be recited correctly, by turning them into recorded words. Jesus did not. Why not?

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My Own Encapsulation of Wesleyan Theology

A recitation of Wesleyan theology as understood by this one Wesleyan.

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A trinity: no more absurd than the left and right versions of the hand

How a trinity is no more absurd than a binity like that of the human hand which has a left and a right version. The difference is that we (as humans) can look at a binity and see that it makes sense, but we cannot look at a trinity.

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Further Analogies for: Three Perspectives on Abraham’s Defense against Kant’s Charge of Immoral Conduct

A rearrangement of, and an addition to, the analogies used in the original essay on Abraham’s defense against Kant’s charge of immoral conduct.

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The Awakening Atonement (and from a Wesleyan perspective)

An attempt at a new theory of atonement where Jesus dies in order to show people what they must do to obtain a new nature and a commensurate holiness. Added is a comment by Kant suggesting how such an approach can be compatible with any demand for justice (divine or mundane).

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Converting to Islam

Suggestions for potential converts to Islam: Kant finds Islam an extortionist religion and I find it (but not necessarily Muslims) immoral in its core.

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