Experience of January 28, 1997

by Philip McPherson Rudisill

My wife, Yasuko, who entered the Wesleyan environment directly from a non-Christian background (and who has been a bit skeptical of the alleged touch of God), reported at Sunday School last Sunday that while she had been unable to pray spontaneously for the sake of a particular "enemy" (someone who could do much good, but who would not and indeed who hindered much good through his recalcitrance [which had incidentally affected Yasuko also and had occasioned much resentment within her]) and while she had been able to pray for him only reluctantly and with force of will and in compliance with her Christian duty, she suddenly found herself, while in the shower the other day, realizing very vividly that this person was in a prison of his own making, and being suddenly overcome with compassion for him, found herself spontaneously weeping for him and willingly asking God to bless him, especially via liberation.

She thanks God for this ([to her] surprising) experience, and is renewed in her assurance of the power of the Living Lord to make a difference in this world.

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