Wesleyan Experiences

These are a few of the experineces with God's kingdom that I have sought to transcribe for the benefit of students of Wesley and fellow Christians. These attest to my conviction that God's work is revealed in the flesh, somewhat as an incarnation, and indeed almost as some snapshots of God's work, at least to the extent that it is manifested to the consciusness of one of the more lowly of of his blessed servants, Philip.

Experience of Cir. 1948.

A wonderfully true story in which God intervenes into the life of a family (by means of an alert and loving mother) and makes the world a better place; so much so, in fact, that one is almost tempted to think that the hateful act which ocassioned the loving act [as described in the story] was providential (although it certainly was not!)*

[* For I, Philip, the writer of this story, am the perpetrator of the hateful act, and I was, and remain, fully aware of the evil intent.]

Experience of January 28, 1997

A report on an experience of my rather skeptical wife, in which we see how she is moved suddenly to weep for the plight of an enemy.

Experience of March 23, 1997.

An experience of my own which is similar to that of my wife.

Buying a car with Daddy.

A telling case of the inability of the rational and untransformed man to even understand those who live in the City of God.

Absense of Fear (and slowdown of time)

How I faced death and injury without fear. A possible anticipation of the state of holiness promoted by Wesleyans.

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